today crit and the last group work

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Again, today crit by lecturers again.
The process seem very fast, she only wan to know about ideas.
today the indonesia ppl come to our studio to visit us, it seem surprise to see them, but our students explain to them wat actually is going on in the studio third year.
I feel very unhappy last few days, maybe too disappointed with the site model.
It actually is a group work of thing, but it ends like nobody cares about it.
When ask other group members to come to help as well, they oways use excuses to escape. It seems very disappointed to see the group work become like this. Nobody even want to ask about it..............
The next day, moving the site model to the studio, again, i saw nobody wants to giving a hand to it......What is the problems to the group? i suddenly feel dat everyone dun k dun k character very annoying.But, i understood dat, it is the model leader problems as well, he dint even want to take the responsibility at all. Why our group become like this?
A simple task in the class let me see more clearly that: There are thousand of faces in the class, everybody holds one, patient in everyting no only in architecture, but in the relationship with others as well, be patient on everyhting.................