Pedestrian Levitation

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The creation of the work is based on the movement of pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing in public space. Some pedestrians walk only on the sidewalk and use the pedestrian crossing for crossing the street, other pedestrians freely make shortcuts on the formally imposed trafic situation.

Pedestrian is an artwork in public space that reflects on this movement. It visualises the real movement of people, and adds a virtual movement based on the assumption that the mind of people is not subject to gravity or any other physical limitations.Irregular white triangles are applied on the sidewalk- for the real movement, and up onto a high empty wall for the virtual movement.

The work creates a graphical layer above existing architecture that acts as a interface towards movement of thought. The work flows from the pavement up to the wall of a building or buildings. It creates a visual motion: when you walk into the work, your visual senses are pulled to the directions of the triangles.