after crit in architecture studio

Thursday, August 3, 2006

today is our presentation for the urban and site analysis for the site in SEREMBAN.
It is a long presentation for both group, it takes nearly two hours for each group 2 present.
The lecturer seem satisfy with the model very much, but many comments for the urban and site analysis content.The lecturers even sleep infront of us, sometime it is irritating to see ppl sleeping in front of u while u r presenting.
after the loong day, they edi decide wat v need to do for both sem.
first, for me, the first sem will be doing community center, and the next sem will be doing food center+health center????
for another group, they will do martial art center for the first sem, and performing art center for the second sem.
I dun noe which group benefit more, but it seems dat our hard days are coming.....................IT IS TIME TO START DESIGN and get crit and get banned.