BRIDES- a good movie

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Review by Margaret Pomeranz

Opening the Greek Film Festival this year was a film called Brides. It’s about a ship full of women from many areas in Eastern Europe who are travelling to America to an unknown destiny in 1922.Centre to the story is Niki from the island of Samothrace played so subtely and beautifully by Victoria Haralabidou who is replacing her younger sister as a bride for a tailor in Chicago.
She’s a seamstress and on board the ship she meets photographer Norman Harris, (Damian Lewis), who’s returning to his home country after failing as a war correspondent in Turkey.
But this film is about the many women who leave their home country either willingly or unwillingly and the traps into which many may fall.
This melodrama and I love melodramas is really beautifully performed, it’s heartfelt and tense and romantic. Steve Berkoff plays a Georgian who is actually preying on these women for his own nefarious business. He could have been grotesque, he is in fact, but he’s believable.
p/s: a good movie with the understanding of different country culture n poverty, but the length of movie should be more tense!! a little bit boring!!
the acting of the NIKI n her luv to NORMAN seems not really there yet!! but it is a good story as well!!
ppl cant choose the thing they like as there are alot of things need to be considered each time. NIKI cant be with NORMAN at the end as she choose to keep her promise n marry to a strangers.
So, if u got chance to choose, n u have choose the best, it is really good n great n appreciate wat u have!!!