LICT Kuching Graduating Students Exhibition 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LICT Kuching has held an exhibition for the students graduating both from Architecture Technology and graphic design course yesterday night.
For Architecture Technology, there are 3 students graduating this semester, (Kingston, Sharon and Rona). On that night, they exhibiting their design works from Semester 3, 4, 5 and 6, which comprise both presentation boards and models.
Trying very hard to get a pictures with an angle that look as if there are a lot of people visiting the exhibition. (haha.....) But, it is very happy to see the students' parents attend the exhibition and they are all very proud with them.
Sharon's model
Graphic Design students works are very interesting as well. Try to post some of the works here. Above and bottom are done by Siaw.
Another good and interesting works which I personally enjoy a lot is Jap design product. Chinese element integrate with local essence.
Logo designed by Jap.
I like this Cat Calligraphy works by Jap .
Enjoy the exhibition because seeing our students graduating from their diploma here. All the best for Rona, Sharon and Kingston and also all graphic design students.

Another additional photo-----Helena, Alan and Sharon looking thru Rona poftfolio.


wsun said...

ur blog is fantastic, so informative. like it!!加油!!
come bec and continue ur study if u feel like u want to work in this field. no harm to study more, right?

咖菲猫 said...

haha........hello senior.
ya.dat is wat i m thinking recently. Continue study!!!! But i will not be in archi firm anymore....haha!!!

thanks for visiting!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yooo...leng lui student..the middle one

咖菲猫 said...

who is this? lenglui student? of coz la !!!