Four X 4 Reconnecting with nature by ndL

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four x 4 is conceived as a suburban tree house, the idea of this timber structure comes from the abstraction of nature in multiple level.
From far, it looks like trees of different level. The structure is formed by 4 x 4 inch pressure treated timber with multiple openings provided for different views towards the site.
Four x 4 can be a play scape for both children and adults , where they can venture into different openings, walk up using the ramps and staircase to another space.
Interesting way of timber construction details and very playful design.
This design remind me of my information visitors center (second year project), my ideas are taken from the forest, however this group project turn out to be a failure due to undeveloped ideas and the functionality of the whole structure. Quite disappointed with it as I really like this project a lot, but gradually i understand where is my weakness.
Info and images from nocturnaldesignlab