Graduation im showcase 09 of New Era College Art & Design Department

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Date : 30 DEC 08 ~ 13 JAN 09
Venue: UG Hall Block. C New Era College
Time: 9am to 6 pm Daily

The graduation (im concept):
Visual Communication: I’m a light Bulb
We use a light bulb to represent Visual Communication as it connotes ‘inspiration’. When we are inspired, the light bulb shines. The light bulb is a great invention, it is very important in our life, and can change the world. The light bulb also stands for vision, enabling aesthetic appreciation.

Interior Architecture: I’m a Magic Box
It is wonderful to design a surprising and intricate creation from a common ‘box’. Different styles, designs, forms and structures are found in Interior Architecture but they are derived from a box. In this field, there is no right or wrong, it only considers whether a design is effective or functionary.

Visual Art: I’m a Palette
A palette does not have much function for everyone; it is not a daily consumer item. But for Visual Art ists, its function and meaning is huge big. In their world, colors feed imagination, exploration and creation. Paint colors on the palette can transform the world around us.

Textile&Fashion: I’m a Mannequin
The mannequin represents fashion design. When we see a mannequin, we think of fashion design. In this field, fashion designers not only need to know about design, they also need to know the nuances of gender and constitution of people to design a costume which has its own distinctive style.
some of the students works below:
Interior ArchitectureInterior Architecture

Visual Art
Visual Art


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