PET ARCHITECTURE: Asahi Kasei’s Plus-Nyan house

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Japanese always regard cats as their children and a leading house builder in Japan, Asahi Kasei has successfully designed the Plus-Nyan House -A house for both the cats and the owner.

The designer research about cat behaviour and the relationship between the cat and the owner, of course included the client requirements.

When you read this design, follow the alphabet in the floor plan to look at different features so sensitively designed specially for the cats. Materials also become one of the consideration in this design. If you see it carefully, you might observe that there are different level of space quality provided.

A: cat doors in every door
F: different level of playstation
F: Climbing steps
F: open air cat walks
G: special fencing to prevent cats from getting awayL: cat compartment toilet/ imagine the situation when the owner and the cat go to toilet at the same time!!
C: special fencing to prevent cats from getting away
I: cat Tunnel / it sound like a personal space