"a foot in the door" KH Exhibition by Quekraft Architect

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the foot in the door: a temporary installation in the vienna kunsthaus (house of art) . our rotating door filled with centrifugal force
car wash brushes: two carwash brushes are fixed to a scaffold post and are activated by an artificial eye on the floor invitation:on stepping up to the door , it stops. an invitation to step throughreaction : by hopping over the artificial eye, the door begins "dancing"

children :this foot-in-the-door-situation was an interpretation based on children's ideas

project data
start of planning:2000
completion: 2000
client:kurator jan tabor

location:A-1010 wien
street:künstlerhaus, karlsplatz 5
construction:ready made
most important materials: waschstrassenbürsten, lichtschranken, st
Info and images from Querkraft Architect


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