Design and Theory 152 Final Design Presentation

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Architecture Technology Diploma Students in LICT semester 2 have just finished their presentation yesterday. I managed to capture some of their models pictures and post it here. Their projects title is Materialise where they have to insert a site and a suitable function into their prototype models. Some of their final models:

Chong Ken Chung-Overlap Lattice (playground)
Kueh Yew Chiew-Irregular (gallery)
Yap Chin Ho- Enigma (Tea House)
Wong Seng Ming- Crux (park)
Stanley Sim-uncentralized nerve (gallery of plants)
Connie-Well groomed sequence (sculpture park)
Augustine Yung-Homogeneous (park at icewaterfall)
Joyce -Consolidation (club house)
Lee Joon Kien-Relative Direction (gallery)
Jong Si Hong-Magnetic Force (urban park)
Eddy-Beyondthe Abyss ( park at urban dessert)
AT2, good effort in your model, but not in your boards. Do more research online to see the composition of architecture professional boards. Thanks for your continous and consistant hardworks, sharpen your skills during the holidays and always remember to keep your passion thoroughout. Hope you all learn something in this semester.

Welcome any comments here.:)


flo.rence. said...

Wow... Sem 2 students are really good with models! I'm impressed. Well done!

Phay Yung I think you did a good job teaching them!

Pegs said...

PY, those are really great ...