Recommended Books-Composite drawings-techniques for Architectural Presentation by M Saleh Uddin

Monday, September 29, 2008

The cover of the book
Some examples of architecture presentation by different architects and designers.
Tod Wiliams Bilien Tsien and Associates, New york
international design competition for Los Angeles Art Park
Presentation combine both drawing and model making skills of balsa wood.

Presentation by Steven Holl architects-combination of plan and elevation drawings.
Eric Owen Moss Architects, Califonia

photomontage of 3d model rendering with the site pictures.

Another exampleis from the author himself, M.S Uddin

A collage of the drawings.

Images from Composite drawings: Techniques for architectural presentation by M.S Uddin.

Strongly recommended architecture students to read this book, there are alot of other techniques shown which we can learn from.