AADRLTEN Pavilion competition

Monday, September 22, 2008

Winning projects by Alan Dempsey (DRL 2002) and Alvin Huang (DRL 2004 )

The goal of this competition is to design a small pavilion (no bigger than 10m W x 10m L x 5m H) that offers spatial experiences to DRL TEN visitors as well as passers-by on Bedford Square. The pavilion will be manufactured professionally and will be assembled by a building contractor with assistance of DRL Phase 1 students during the second and third weeks of February 2008. Similar to many pavilions designed for expos and event spaces, the DRL TEN pavilion will be a temporary, small-scale building project, developed as a prototype for a new kind of architecture. The winning design will be developed immediately after its selection with the assistance of the London engineering firm Adams Kara Taylor and DRL staff at the Architectural Association

3d illustration
Ahmad Sukkar: 2006
The design of the pavilion should explore:
1) the thinness of fibre-reinforced concrete panels and their structural potential
2) the possibility of achieving non-standard forms either by using flat panels in inventive ways or by developing a smart and efficient means to produce 3D curved panels
3) the use of panellised materials to create a coherent structural system
Yeygeniy Beylkin: 2006/ Elif Erdine Baskin: 2006/ Margarita Valova: 2006
Carine Cohen 2006/ Britta Knobel 2006
Paulo Ernesto Flores: 2007/ Feng Xu: 2007Danilo Arsic: 2007
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