Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the vegetable market

KUCHING: The former site of the Gambier Street Market here that used to house hundreds of hawkers until June 15 will be turned into an esplanade as part of the Kuching Waterfront extension.

The development will also cover the adjoining area which stretched up to Ban Hock Wharf.
Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, in disclosing this Friday night, envisioned the esplanade having lots of trees to provide the much needed shade on sunny days apart from making the city a greener and better place to live in.

the vegetable market

“I’ve just asked Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) to prepare the plan,” he told reporters after officiating at the city hall’s 20th anniversary dinner.

Once completed, he said, the esplanade would stretch from Hilton Kuching to Ban Hock Wharf, adding that the opposite side of the river would also be developed and beautified to make both sides a popular recreational spot for city dwellers as well as visitors.

WATCH THE VIDEO about the market

the fish market

I heard that DBKU has decided to tear down the stretch of markets along Jalan Gambier and it was announced in the newspaper on Sunday.

What a sad news to have, the immediate thought come to my mind is What kuching will become later?
Is it will developed into some place like Singapore?

the fish market

If the buildings are demolished, Kuching will be an empty town without any identity, a city with high rise commercial buildings but without soul. It is a very sad scene to our future generations.

If you never being to the Gambier Market, try to visit them, you can tel a lot of old times stories of Kuching from the buildings.

Currently some of us are involving in the measure drawing of the markets and I wonder whether conservation can help to protect these buildings on time.


Jesselyn said...

Oooh...why must everything be in Chinese?? O_o


Anyway, I'm sad bout Gambier Street too! =(

Why can't they just re-develop the market area instead of demolishing it? They could've turned the market area into smth else but still keep the whole structure.


咖菲猫 said...

hi jesselyn
nothing special about putting some of the words in chinese, haha...

I see that u are studying architecture too, Which college are you in?

R u from Kuching?

Our minister plan to have the market area to be esplanade .......
(dun dare to comment much)

If it can be adaptive reuse like the court house, it will be a good news to all

Jesselyn said...

Everyth's in Chinese means I cant read..lol~

I'll be like.. "er..is this the comment button??" haha!

Anyway, I'm studying in Taylor's College, KL. and yup, from Kuching. =)

They stil dun hv to knock down the whole building, right? They can just probably keep one of the facades to show what used to be there and probably renovate the other parts into restaurants or smth like that..hrmmm..~