Yusuhara Town Hall, by KENGO KUMA

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Japanese Architecture.........
The town of Yusuhara in Kochi Prefecture, known for its urban development using “Japanese Cedar”, has a new starting point for its community with the “Kino-machi Hall” (Town Hall), the largest scaled “Wooden” town hall in Japan.

Local Japanese cedar has been used fully to the regulations, which made possible to create a double lattice girder structure with an 18 meter long span.

While making possible to visualize how cedar structural parts sustain the structure, this building aims to build an architecture capable of making people reconfirm the excellence of Japanese wooden structures.

The indoor plaza and exterior plaza, separated by a large sliding door used for hangars, becomes one only space which is used during spring festivals.

Kengo Kuma is my favourite Architect. I like the way how he use different materials to built his building and how he blend his buildings with the site.

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