Manila Chinese Cemetery- World Architecture

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Neo Gothic 2

all the essentials: spires, pointed windows and Corinthian columns found in the cemetery. This one dates back to the 1920's.

sphinx gaurdian
the traditional Lion sentinel become a miniature sphinx!
20's tomb 1

Life was simpler then and so were burial tombs. This one dates back to the early 20's and sports Buddhist lotus-leaf motif.

20's tomb 2
This one's more elaborate with a full-bodied bust (not shown) of the 'resident' and colorful glazed tiles!

20's tomb 3
And finally this one featuring colored tiles and intricate details albiet in a shabby condition...

lion detail
a closer look and we come into eye contac with this tomb's gaurdian lion!

In Filipino, 'Pagong' means turtle and this tomb's unusual shape hints just that.

According to Chinese belief, turtles are supposed to represent 'longevity' but I wonder, if the person is already dead, what does he need 'longevity' for (on the next life perhaps)?