Green Burial

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

As people attach more and more importance to the concept of a sustainable environment, more are embracing “green” burials, with Taipei recording 630 such burials so far, funeral operators said yesterday.
The operators said the “green,” or natural burial, ensures that the burial site remains as natural as possible. Currently, there are three forms of such burials — burying urns of ashes under trees, sprinkling ashes around a park and sprinkling ashes at sea.

A green burial is very simple; it consists of a biodegradable casket and environmentally safe embalming fluid. Another option is to be buried without a casket, and without embalming fluid.
The cost of a traditional burial is between $6000 and $7000 dollars. The average cost for a green burial is approx. $2500 dollars, more than a fifty percent drop in cost.

It is so disappointing that I cant get some images to be posted here regarding green burial.
But the whole concept is very clear that Green burial is to reduce the use of wood coffin or metal casket.
Green burial is to burying the ashes or spread the ashes to ocean. Another way is to use a biodegradable casket to bury the body.

p/s: Cremation is a term that means burn a dead body into ashes.


earthartist said...

Natural Burial Around the World

The modern concept of natural burial began in the UK in 1993 and has since spread across the globe. According the Centre for Natural Burial, there are now several hundred natural burial grounds in the United Kingdom and half a dozen sites across the USA, with others planned in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and even China.

A natural burial allows you to use your funeral as a conservation tool to create, restore and protect urban green spaces.

The Centre for Natural Burial provides comprehensive resources supporting the development of natural burial and detailed information about natural burial sites around the world. With the Natural Burial Co-operative newsletter you can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the rapidly growing trend of natural burial including, announcements of new and proposed natural burial sites, book reviews, interviews, stories and feature articles.

The Centre for Natural Burial

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