Architecture- in my own words

Thursday, January 3, 2008

When we talk about architecture.....a lot of people will think of buildings and ARCHITECT.
I used to drown with architecture for three years while I study my part 1 .

After i graduated from uni, i plan to work in archi firm for 1 year.
But surprisingly, I give up my work in archi firm after 2 weeks and turn into EDUCATION.
Many people said that i have wasted all my years in uni and only end up in education field.

Actually, the decision is very hard to made.
I have betrayed my own planning and escaping to other field.
I also feel that i havent give myself a longer try before i put up a white flag.

But, i think i should believe my own instinct.
I feel the job really doesn't suit me, i don't like to sit in front of computers doing tehcnical drawings.
For a graduate student like me, the most i can go is only be a draftman in office unless you meet someone that give a chance for you to carry out design.

However, until now, i don't have much regret.
Maybe you will say that:" this person doesn't like architecture so much!!!"
But, I think working in Archi firm doesnt mean this person appreciate architecture also.....

I like architecture a lot. I like to look at new design.
But, I can't define yet what is architecture because i don't have any working experience in the real work environment.
And I liked to live in my own imaginary work of design.

But, i like the way now how i look into design.
Maybe i should say that, i like the way now i learn to look into design rather than just looking at pretty pictures.
This is the biggest challeges to me now and ever.

Architecture itself actually not only about constructing something..........
the scope of architecture is too wide to discuss.
NO matter what, i will not give up architecture because I live with it.