Retreats in the Landscape:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Retreats in the landscape: Swamp hut ,Newton, Massachusetts Designed by Moskow Linn Architects. 4 huts arranged surrounding a central outdoor deck , serving different purposes individually. All huts sit lightly on site with four A frame structure.
The outdoor deck function as a gathering area with a fireplace.
Dining hut facing the south , while cleansing hut at the north side contains pantry, storage and composting toilet . East and west side of the deck are occupied with sleeping huts. Moskow Linn Architects
Retreats in the Landscape: Watershed house
Designer: FLOAT Architectural Research and Design
This is a studio for a professor and writer , situated in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Erin Moore, from FLOAT created a structure that will not cause any permanent mark on the natural landscape. This project was named as Watershed house , part of the clients watershed ecological restoration project, the component parts of the studio would be fully recyclable and detachable, allowing the building to be completely dismantled and reused when its natural life cycle ended.
The building contains a 100 square foot room with writing desk and cabinets, no electricity , plumbing system and heating systems are found in this building. The studio relies on passive solar heating and ventilation .
Retreats in the Landscape: Private Library and writting studio
Designed by Andrew Berman, AIA, New York Architect
“As you go from the vertical entry to a horizontal aperture,” Berman says, “the building becomes a volume describing the transition.”
The visitors are welcomed by a tall and narrow entry, and ended with an expansive window. “The amount of daylight entering the second level is such a welcome surprise,” says the client, who uses the work space only during the day. At night, the sitting area at the opposite end of the room functions as a screening room for films.

Images and info from Archrecord