Life is a Design Thesis -by Miss Naziaty

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The sentences below are quote from 24 projects, 24 lives blog entry, of Life is a Design Thesis by Miss Naziaty. Miss Naziaty was my 3rd year design lecturer and her thoughts have influenced me a lot.

24 projects, 24 lives actually refer to the 24 design thesis by 24 Final year Architecture Students in University Malaya (UM). She shared a lot of her opinions and views on her experience as a studio coordinator.

24 projects and 24 lives.
"It was different for each of them, because they had different reasons to do it. I would argue that the grade that they each received meant differently for each of them. Maybe for one person a B+ is a let down but for another a great achievement. But a grade is just something someone else gave to you. What is most important is that whether you had changed for the better or discovered something about yourself in the process. Your own grade of yourself is more important."

Wish to share with all architecture students about Miss Naziaty views on design grade. The Design Grade that a student received at the end of every semester should not be the end judgement of his/her own achievement in the project. The most important grade is a personal judgement of what you have learn ,progress and achieved in every stages of design development.