Kuching – A Heritage City? Fill in the Opinion Poll if you do care.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heritage generally refers to our legacy from the past, what we live with presently, and what we pass on to the future generations. The value of heritage can be expressed as historical value to the area, social and cultural value to the people, scientific value on its technical and architectural achievements, and value of being unique or something rare.

There are two categories of heritage – natural and cultural. An example of natural heritage is Mulu National Park. Cultural heritage exists in both tangible (eg building) and intangible (e.g traditional dance). Be it tangible or intangible, cultural heritage must be linked with the cultural value of the society that has produced it. Thus the public has to be aware of any effort to conserve our Cultural Heritage to ensure support from the society concerned.

This opinion poll explores the potential of developing the old Kuching City Centre into a Heritage Site. Your views matter!The polling period is from 21/04/2009 to 21/05/2009.

Tell every true-blue Kuching-ite and anyone who cares about Kuching!