New FRITZ HANSEN showroom

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fritz Hansen Showroom display historical Danish brand of contemporary design in a 3 levels showroom total of 340 square meters.

Stefano Tagliacarne, the architect who designed this showroom trying to potray the company philosophy through the showroom design.
Therefore, the showroom missions not only to exhibit the collections of Danish brand, but also to express the Danish culture value in relation to Italian context.
The displays in the showroom become the main actor of the exhibition space and less decoration is use throughout the whole floors.
3 different floors from the basement until the first floor is varied in space area and shape. Linkage between all floors become the main feature in this design. Tagliacarne use a big red column and a wood clad wall , connecting from basement to the first floor.
The wood clad wall is an exhibition stage for the Series 7 chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955. The light concrete stairways besides the wood clad wall create an interesting picture to the whole showroom.
The natural rough materials used become a contrast to the display finished furnitures in the showroom. Info and Images from architonic