Suitcase House hotel by Gary Chang, The Edge

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Casting a question mark on the proverbial image of the house, Suitcase House Hotel attempts to rethink the nature of intimacy, privacy, spontaneity and flexibility. It is a simple demonstration of the desire for ultimate adaptability, in pursuit of a proscenium for infinite scenarios, a plane of sensual (p)leisure."Suitcase house is designed by Gary Chang, from the Edge (H.K) lmt.
The house is located at the head of the Nangou Valley near the Great Wall at Badaling, North of Beijing. This house demostrated a flexibillity and mobility of space usage and furnitures during different time per day. Different timber sliding partitions /blinds forms the vertical layers for the wall and divides the interior spaces. The house although is only 250 square meters, manage to accomodate most of the amenities.
The levelling of the houses are metaphor as earth strata.
"The dwelling represents a stacking of strata. The bottom stratum acts as a container for domestic fittings and equipment, services and maids' quarters. It also fulfills the requirements for storage. Compartments are concealed by a landscape of floor panels, which when raised, give access to the world below. The top stratum houses a series of blinds that may be raised or lowered to subdivide the space. Similarly, the building envelope is a stratification of vertical layers. ""( quote from Arspace) "The outer skin is a wrap of full height double-glazed folding doors while the inner layer is comprised of a series of screens forming a matrix of openings.The abstract façade pattern is thereby rooted in its user-oriented operational logic. Together, these strata give form to the zone in between. "( quote from Arspace)
Images from archphoto
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