Pocono Environmental Education Center, Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania (GREEN PROJECT)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seeds for the Pocono Environ-mental Education Center were sown 40 years ago during protests over a dam that would have turned the site into a reservoir.

Designed to be a “passive solar machine,” the center’s south face is entirely glazed but equipped with a widely overhanging roof to reduce summer solar gain.

The center’s structural system features a concrete post-and-beam system in the rear of the building and V-shaped wood columns up front.

Treads harvested from tires illegally dumped in the surrounding forest provided shingles and a highly tactile exhibit of the sustainability ethos of the center.

The building’s abundant glazing blurs distinctions between inside and out, allowing the public areas to be bathed in natural light.

With offices, bathrooms, and a catering kitchen kept to a single service corridor, the remaining space is a simple clear-span shed.

Text and image from Greensource