Aquatorium Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (1993) by SITE

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This environmental center explores all aspects of water-related science and culture. The concept, entitled "AQUATORIUM," is intended to inspire a profound appreciation of humanity's relationship to the earth's most precious resource.

By means of sight, sound, and touch, the building and its exhibition spaces are designed to tell the story of water and people. Located on top of hill, this new facility is integrated with its circular site as an over and underground experience.

The building is composed of lateral information walls that carry the exhibitions from interior to exterior and fuse with the surrounding topography.
These animated walls divide the sections of the museum into culture, science, habitat, technology, and agriculture, using such exhibit devices as video, water events, virtual reality experiences, gardens, natural phenomena and hands-on displays that explain the value of water in the history of civilization
the architect website: SITE