the common senses in ARCHITECTURE

Monday, August 18, 2008

Human have five senses: tactility, vision, hear, taste, and smell.

Architecture involves all the human senses when the USERS of the building experience the architecture from exterior to interior.

Vision: what you see from the outside of a building might helps you to interpret the spaces inside the building, the light and shadow formed, the openings of plane, the arrangment of furniture.......

Hear: what is the sound you will hear when you stepped on a wooden floor? Or does the sound transfer from one space to another? how materials can affect your hearing?

Smell: the smell of a courtyard, a garden will totally change the ambience of a spaces in a building.

Tactility: the feeling when you touch on certain materials or when u step on special design floor using bare feet.

When you design or talk about architecture, try to think of from the users point of view, their experience through their senses.
Another quote is, " the USERS are the main character in play of Architecture."