Studio 8 tunnel installation

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Studio 8 created a tunnel installation made of honeycomb sandwich panels and white rolls of recycled garments. Prior to the appearance of Studio 8 Architects’ tunnel installation, modest florists squeezed into redundant archways or marooned like islands at station entrances were the closest the London Underground ever came to owning a garden.
CJ Lim of Studio 8 created Seasons through the Looking Glass – inspired by Lewis Carroll’s children’s classics – out of paper-honeycomb sandwich panels, which are probably as fragrant as the overpriced anaemic bouquets sold at station kiosks.

An exploration of the mythical underground spaces depicted in Carroll’s book, the installation refers to a scene in which the intrepid Alice falls into a deep well and lands in a bed of brambles. Visitors negotiating South Kensington’s network of escalators and pathways on an underground journey to or from the V&A pass Lim’s alternative landscape as they enter or exit the tube

image and infos from FRAME magazine