Waterstudio working on, at and in water

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Waterstudio.NL combines architecture, urbanism and innovation for building in, on and at the water: buildings, functions, living-spaces on rivers, canals, lakes or half at sea.
The firm tries to develop the existing water-architecture and building-methods further to a new level. Waterstudio is working on this development in several areas of expertise. In urbanism Waterstudio goes beyond the well-known pier with a boat; water in the neighbourhood is exceptionally attractive as a living-quality, but by not only utilizing open water, but also pursuing higher densities, Waterstudio designs neighbourhood that are very much similar to the exisiting ones; the only difference is that the foundations are different, to give water a place. In the architectural field Waterstudio tries to modernize the typology of the dwelling-ark; modern houses and villas in and around the water that rival their counterparts on land in space and experience. " (From: Waterstudio)

Floating Mosque, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
For the UAE , Waterstudio designed a floating Mosque. A modern and daring design for a traditional function. The interior is characterized by giant funnel-shaped transparant colums that do not only support the roof, but also allow filtered light to illuminate the inner space.

The Citadel
First project in the area of ‘The New Water’ is the Citadel, the first floating apartment complex. With the design of the Citadel the level of ambition is set high. The building will consist of 60 luxury apartments with enough parking spaces and large terraces. The fluent shaped design of the Citadel clearly shows the endless possibilities of building on water.
Future information will be published on the website: http://www.citadelhetnieuwewater.nl/

All above images and text from Waterstudio