Moorhead & Moorhead and their Modular Screen Lerival

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"We are an inventive, internationally-recognized, interdisciplinary design studio. We collaborate with clients and colleagues on buildings, interior architecture, exhibits and furniture. We create unique environments."

Moorhead & Moorhead is an architecture and industrial design collaboration based in New York City. Driven by the inventive aspects of design, their work explores issues of function and materiality. Projects range in scope and scale, from furniture and exhibition design to architecture.
Modular ScreenLerival - Furniture by ArchitectsInspired in part by camouflage patterns,
Modular Screen is a space-defining system of perforated panels.Comprised primarily of a series of four panel types, which have been CNC milled in polyethylene, the system allows the pieces to overlap in a number of configurations. The result is a flexible hanging partition in which the layering of individual pieces de-emphasizes its modular nature.
Hanover Square LoftNew York, New York
The partial renovation of this 1,000 square foot loft in lower Manhattan included the design of a new stair from the main floor to an existing mezzanine, and a bridge connecting the mezzanine to a new child's sleeping alcove above an existing bathroom. A custom modular screen system was used to form the exterior railing of the stair, and the walls and sliding door of the sleeping alcove. The screen system is comprised of a series CNC milled panels, designed to de-emphasize the individual panel when the pieces are assembled together.

All above details and images from Moorhead &Moorhead