Redevelopment of Kotka City by be4architects

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Be4architects won an international competition of harbor front redevelopment in Kotka city. Kotka city was a harbour town for wood and paper industries , the shipping activities and traffic at harbor disconnect the residences and the waterfront. Now the industries shipping has shifted , left a big empty area at the harbor to be reconfigured and reshaped.

Be4architects proposed to induce a "contemporary idea of living" at waterfront area. The project proposes spatial and architectural relations to "systemic" proportion of city rather than just designing an architecture IMAGE that magnified the public. Be4architects used the principles of hierarchical , architecture and landscape elements to merge in the overall context.
Working team: Stefania Papitto and Gianluca Evels (Principals of be4architects),Lorenza Giavarini, Matteo Rossetti and Luigi Valente
The arrangement of the residential houses with patio and terraces.
Floating homes with connecting pedestrian and mooring wharf

All above architecture and interior design works presented by b4architects . Be4architects website has showcased their projects/works through handdrawn and computer rendering presentation, very interesting composition.

All above images and info from b4architects