Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A group of students from Prasetiya Mulya Business school Indonesia has won the 2009 Global Social Venture Competition by their creation of EcoFaeBrick.
EcoFaeBrick is a quality, easily manufactured, low-cost sustainable building material made from cow dung or exrement.
By using the EcoFaeBrick:
  • Reduce 1,692 ton of CO2 per year as biogas is used to replace the firewoods.
  • preserve 53 hectares of productive agriculture land as processed cattle waste now can be used for bricks materials avoiding more clay excavation.
  • Additional income of 53% to local farmers and help to improve their rural living.
"The EcoFaeBrick mission is to provide a highly economical solution to a waste problem while helping to curb the destruction of the local environment caused by clay quarries The bricks are made using 75% cow manure and cured in a biogas heating process that reduces the brick factory’s CO2 emissions significantly over traditional wood fire heat. " (source: materia)
The EcoFaeBrick has no differences in terms of outlook with normal brick. Their compressive strength is 20% stronger than normal brick, 20% lighter, cost same as normal brick.