Forum AID awards Interior Winner- Cristal Bar by Katrin Olina

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cristal Bar, Hong Kong: 9/F, 33 Wellington Street,The Loop.
An interior based around graphic art and the application of a visual language in an entire space. In this project, of an interior of a Bar, Katrin Olina exploits the film and printing technology of 3M to create a huge seamless painting that expands throughout the bar’s four interconnected areas that cover a floor area of 1200 square feet
The bar countertop is encrusted with more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals, which are illuminated from above by a ripple projector, and below by multicolored LEDs, in that way the counter’s surface changes hues while shimmering in undulating waves over the course of the night.
Of all the interiors shortlisted in this category, Katrin Olina’s Cristal Bar was the one the jury felt they would most like to experience. With every available surface covered with Olina’s graphic art, the patterns become more than just decoration and create a dream-like, immersive environment. It is a simple idea to make a two-dimensional pattern the dominant design feature of a three-dimensional space, but the result is striking.
(quoted from Forum AID website)

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