VM house by JDS + BIG = PLOT

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The VM houses, is the first residential project in Ørestaden. Copenhage. The houses are in the V and M form , where the V houses slopping down and the M houses step upwards. They are formed in such a way to obtain more lights, ventilation and views. The design started with a square planning where two blocks facing each other divided by a canal, the first building was then angled to V form due to the landscape and considerations of optimal lights.
The balconies look like jagged shark's teeth on the south. Night view of the V houses
The M houses utilizes the idea of unite d’habitation of Le Corbusier.
The central corridors, connecting all floors and apartments, are short and get light from both ends - like bullet holes penetrating through the building.Individual terraces are all on the south facing side of the building. The roof terrace is reached from the central corridors. ( from arspace)

Ideas from unite d’habitation of Le Corbusier.
More details of M houses refer to Arspace
Images and info from JDS architect and Archdaily