Rich people final resting place-Recoleta Cemetery, Argentina

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recoleta Cemetery in 1953Recoleta cemetery in 1923
Recoleta Cemetery , Argentina is a well known tourist spot in the world. The cemetery located at an exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood and houses many famous and influential individuals in Argentina.

The cemetery layout was designed by the French Engineer and remodeled in 1881. The cemetery is laid out in sections like city blocks with walkways linking to other sidewalks full with marble mausoleums. The entrance of the cemetery with tall Greek columns

The cemetery is a good way to see the chronology of what was going on in the Argentinean architecture when the graves were built, from neo classicism and art nouveau to XIX century trends with their angel statues, to more minimalist mausoleums made of marble, as the building dates get closer to our days.

Women statue
Another features of the cemetery is the elaborated statues at each of the mausoluems. Recoleta cemetery carry a tradition to engrave the death date rather not the birth date.
A mausoleum (plural: mausolea) is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or persons. A mausoleum may be considered a type of tomb or the tomb may be considered to be within the mausoleum. A Christian mausoleum sometimes includes a chapel.
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