The Rich Mix by Penoyre and Prasad architect

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bethnal Green Road, London
Client The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation
Completed January 2006

The building functions is indicate clearly through it's name "The Rich Mix" , it is a building with music studios, performance gallery, exhibition spaces, cafe, cinemas and studio workspaces.
Its façade of gold and silver louvres in front of a multicoloured frame provides solar control as well as a screen for projecting images.
Solar control louvres will be added to the main façade

I was searching for a project name Walworth Road Surgery, London by the same architect. However cant any related infos of the building, only manage to quote from bdonline uk :
"The practice (Penoyre-prasad architect firm) was set up in 1988 by Penoyre and Sunand Prasad,
both alumni of Edward Cullinan Architects. Their first project — a surgery for seven GPs tucked into the backlands of south London’s Walworth Road — was in fact a leaving present from their former firm. “The general brief was stay associated with the high street, to blend in with the community,” recalls Penoyre. Today, LIFT projects such as Green Wrythe Lane and Heart of Hounslow have a similar sense of neighbourliness."