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Friday, September 15, 2006

Roof top perspective
Luke Chandresinghe 's works: amazing works and explanation of ideas!!

twin tower and dispersal vessel plan
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San said...

I have lost confidence with the BN controlled government from the day I left for US. I also was rewarded with financial assistant that I could not get while I was in Malaysia.

Malaysia would not be achieved Vision 2020 if preferential treatments for malays still prevail. Pak Lah and gang should start scrapping the discriminatory policy be it public or private sector.

Don't mention about coming back to the Malaysians overseas. This is like an ugly woman who keeps on telling all the men around the world, "Please marry me. You are ungrateful for not marrying me………." - Malaysia would better be a nice woman first.

Feel appreciated? These people are being polite. Many would return if only they feel they are not being robbed. The truth is the NEP is really robbery. It is basically an unfair tax system that robs the future of non-malays.

Let say you run a company. Imagine being asked to invest in a country that taxes you higher than most people. Imagine also that the more you can make, the higher the tax rate while majority of others gets tax breaks and subsidies.

Also, if you are successful, you have to give up some equity, even majority in some cases. Who would invest?

For non-malays it is the same, when they choose to work and live in Malaysia, it is an investment both personal and financial. They get the bare necessary support and often thrown obstacles along the way.

They pay most of the taxes and their savings are abused. If they are successful especially very successful, they are expected to give it up, and not to the needy and deserving, but mostly to the wasteful, undeserving and arrogant.

It is a no brained for towering non-malays. In fact it is a no brained for all non-malays.

My sincere advice to these towering Malaysians is, to stay where you are and don't come back! Also think of your children's future and education, which this country cannot provide.

This country only wants thieves, non-skilled labourers and criminals from Indonesia, Bosnia and Bangladesh. The only qualification is that he is a Muslim.

My brother found a job in Australia two weeks after graduation. Got his PR a few weeks later. All individuals I have spoken to compliment and agree it is the right thing to do.

Not one has the slightest disagreement with my brother decision. The sentiment among my relatives and peers are obvious. There is no pride for non-malays in Malaysia and never will.

I got a few friends in UK, Swiss, to further PhD in biotech. They won't come back to Malaysia as Malaysia can't provide them the technology that they currently using, studying. Of course they feel unfair in the Malaysia system. That is it, Time to Change……….

Recently I have talked to Malaysia friends about the issue of returning home. Not surprise me that they all have their Australia PR.

Please do not criticize us that we are not loyalty, we are grown up in national schools, we do not really have "well-funded education" as a Malaysian should be. The main concern for us is the secure feeling of staying in Malaysia.

Despite the public security, it is more about uncertainty we have percept since we are born. I do not expect my children future ruin in your hands.

I think all Malaysians should try hard to educate their children to be global citizens, i.e. give them an education that will enable them to survive anywhere even in India or China.

But if you are a connected crony your children will be able to prosper for the next two generations until or at least our energy reserves run out.

After that we hope they will be able to make the correct life choices. If they settle overseas it means we have less hotel bills to pay when we tour!

Malaysia may yet change for the better. The one minister got it right this time - "You can't fool all the people all the time".

Everyday I remind myself this: Study harder; make money. The grass is greener on the other side, not for myself but definitely for my children.

Migration is perfectly normal. But it is the circumstance of one decision to migrate is the issue.

Please all of you don't come back. Malaysia does not want intelligent people: they are difficult to control (i.e. LKS, Karpal Singh, etc).

I have so many friends and children of friends, who stay overseas that when I go there, I feel more at home than here! I feel free there!

I went to bed troubled at the huge loss of talents that could have helped Malaysia become another Japan. So many brilliant people are coming forward to narrate how they made good in other countries when Malaysia, the country they were born and bred in, failed to treat them fairly.

Everyone knows Japan story.

The Japanese phoenix worked because they built back their country as one people. They didn't have a Petronas rebuilding the country. They were a country starved of natural resources, but the biggest asset and wealth of post-war Japan was the people themselves. They recognised and made full use of the talents of the people, for the country.

As long as the NEP and the affirmative policies are in place, more and more will emigrate and the loser is Malaysia.

The solution is simple. However, in this country everything boiled down to pampering one race which has proven again and again that it is not working after 50 years.

Our leaders are not bothered about all these messages and they will brand the emigrants as not patriot to avoid finding solution for the long benefit of the country.

To all, for time being, emigrate to other country to teach a lesson to BN the hard way.

Just put it very simply, our country is not competitive enough that we no longer could afford to hire our talents in overseas back. The environment is just not conducive for further development.

For those who wish to sell short to come back, there must be a good reason. Why bother to come back if you know that you are not appreciated? Patriotism is not a good reason as it is illogical to say that one is not patriotic if one is working or living overseas.

The latest slogan I heard from Singapore is that one could venture overseas as far as he could, but the heart is always welcome to be with home, Singapore. Overseas Singaporeans did come back solely for their national day celebration. I think this is a more liberal way of thinking. The world is flat now.

Either way, one has to make his own decision to make a choice to be out or in.

After all, our society has become very sick and corrupted such that white or black, wrong or right is indistinguishable. Idiotic loyalty is unwise. You just have to make your own way to seek a better future for your self and your family.

fong said...

Yes, it appears that the leadership of the university, especially the students department head, and in cohort with the notorious Biro Tata Negara (BTN), had displayed to the whole wide world the extent to which it was willing to go - and this is to the level of the gutter.

And for what, you might ask? Well, in order to ensure victory of its favoured 'pro-government' faction of the student community in the forthcoming campus election. That is Malaysia campus democracy for you!

Contrary to its official objective of promoting national unity, seminars of this nature often end up stoking racist sentiments of a particular ethnic group, which really is pathetic.

What is even more despicable is the fact that such a 'seminar' was organised by an institution of higher learning that prides itself of competing on the world stage. Can one really believe that these people could actually face the various facets of globalisation by a hare-brained and simplistic strategy such as Jew-bashing?

And I thought the UPM recent ghastly episode was bad enough. Looks like the local universities are 'competing' on the kampung level to show who is the foolish of them all.

kok said...

Umno is the big brother in Barisan and so it is unthinkable for a younger sibling to point fingers at the elder.

There is something unusual about the Umno/malay psyche - if there is a scandal, cover up. They only want speak, see and hear good.

When Umno fellows made mistakes they said misunderstood and offers no apologies. They obediently sit at the foot of the master and silently let out a pathetic sorry feeling.

No wonder in Malaysia our mentality is still third world because no one can comment on anything especially when it comes to mismanagement or corruption of funds.

So when man wield keris in it is ok. When UPM students go rowdy it is also ok. Everything to his-shame-Hisham is ok as long as it is beneficial to Umno……….No!

High time everyone say No - to Umno.

A good offence in Umno is to project the Ketuanan Melayu, which ensures grass-root votes. So Hisham, who sends his children to international schools, cannot be caught napping over his watch and woe betides those who try to ridicule his ministry.

This is the sad state of the country today. In almost 50 years of independence, we have yet to learn to move away from racial aggravation and communal politics, instead of focusing on a global platform beyond our borders.

As long as guys like Khairy, with an Oxford degree, and Hisham, with a law degree, project themselves for personal glory with racial politics, Malaysia will be in trouble.

The education minister is a disgrace, behaving in a very insecure and immature manner.

How could a person with such behaviors, using intimidation, fear and aggression, be appointed education minister to set an example for our children? His behaviors have no place in a progressive, modern and civilized society.

The only difference between the component parties of BN is Umno is prepared to scarify national interest at all costs for party and individual interest.

It is time for smaller BN component parties, including Umno fair-minded and decent politicians, to leave BN unhealthy and damaging environment to form alternative government, to protect and place national interests first.

What do you expect from a country where you have ministers who are high above the law? They of course behave like goons. Since when was this type of stupid directive ever invented? What a load of bullshit!

The fact is, not only the public fund for schools have been misused and abused - as this does not only apply to schools. We just had another one for tsunami! Typical third world administration! Full of lies and craps, and not forgetting abuse!

miya said...

Umno said: We are the master.

You are the master for -

1. Being Lazy lots
2. Corruption
3. Drug addictions
4. Gangsterism
5. Half past six mentality
6. Hypocrites
7. Lying
8. Making a lot of wives
9. Racism
10. Ungrateful

ruyom said...

Little did I know the life changing experience I was to face when I took up the opportunity to be trained in Germany back in 1972 after my A level.

On completion, I spent three years working in Singapore saving enough for a one-way ticket to UK for further studies. Graduated in 1979 with a degree in mechanical engineering and employed by ITT (International Telegraph and Telephone) in London, I was sponsored to continue a part-time master degree in computer science.

By mid-1980s, I was awarded a grant in robotic research at Imperial College. And further studies concluded an MA in e-business.

Having worked and lived in UK for 25 years, it was time to look back on my root in Malaysia. Initial programme by Malaysia government to lure back expertise did not impress me.

By this time I was married with two kids studying in better schools in UK than I can imagine possible in Malaysia. Fortunately I had the hindsight not to uproot my family back to Malaysia.

I understood the affirmative action to uplift the malays during my time. It was understandable and accepted by my generation in return for the right as citizens in Malaysia. In my eyes Umno had breached the contract with the non-malays.

Being born in Malaysia before 1957 and in the spirit of independence, my returning to help build a better Malaysia has been a mistake. I will not go into details here.

A short note should suffice for now. My trying to contribute to society by way of investment and helping the local students in predominantly poorer malay district was repeatedly delayed and later rejected for no reason at all or flimsy and it took me three years.

Contrast this with my experience of setting up and running a company in UK and Singapore in less than a month.

For those who are thinking of coming back to Malaysia I would advise them to think again. The only thing that attract me back to Malaysia in the first place was my connection to my parents who were in Malaysia and too frail to travel. Once they are gone, I have no more reasons to return.

For those who think I have sold my heritage by taking up British citizenship should know that there are no official policies to discriminate minorities in UK.

In fact minorities are often supported, as in the case of my kids Chinese language class, are provided free by the local government. We are judged by my abilities not on color of our skin or our beliefs.

Meanwhile my entire family has taken up British citizenship. I may have lost my right as Malaysian citizen but not the right to visit or stay in Malaysia (silver hair and second home program). My kids will never miss Malaysia (you can't miss what you did not have) and will look forward for a brighter future.

For those who are staying back to fight for their birthright as equal citizens in Malaysia, you have my support and admiration. I apologise for not being able to be with you for now and I hope you understand my decision. But I will in my own way contribute from afar to help in other ways.

To the Malaysia government, I quote, "You cannot build courage and character by taking away a man's initiative and independence." - Lincoln

pang said...

The earlier we abolish race-based political parties and promotes multi-racial parties like Keadilan and DAP the better we'd live.

49 years is a very, very long time to be fooled.

It seems that racism in this country has now becomes a BN government sanctioned policy. It is no wonder that we saw the type of behaviour demonstrated in UPM.

As usual, we don't hear a squeak from the component parties in defense of our civil liberty.

I am all for the support of multi-racial parties which is not based on racism or ketuanan. In a globalize world, ketuanan could really just end up as Jaguh Kampung.

Other than garnering grassroots support, I don't see how else we can compete with the upcoming Vietnam, the rising India and the awakened dragon of China. Welcome to the globalize world where information is just at the click of the mouse!

Our universities are meant to promote academic excellence, to enhance independent thinking, to create new ideas and many others. To brainwash our freshmen with hatred and anti-Semitic talks are totally idiot measure and an unacceptable!

Fresh innocent souls are being misled and confused. Eventually those wiser youths will realise the whole sham and hypocrisy. They will emigrate leading to brain drain which the BN government is all out to promote relentlessly. Malaysia Boleh!

No wonder there are so much racism in the universities nowadays. Look who is playing religious and racial issues! Why hate Jews? They had so many towering personalities and are much smarter than those pro keris waving fanatics.

They even have globally ranked universities whereas ours are a shame. We should be emulating their success. I would have no more hope for Pak Lah and can only wish that he is a one-term prime minister.

This activity of USM is highly racial and deplorable. Time and again, MIC and MCA have shown themselves to be political puppets and eunuchs of Umno.

A vote for MIC or MCA is a vote for the likes of Khairy, Hisham, and all those Umno-malays who sideline and discriminate the non-malay communities whom have sacrificed so much for Malaysia. The racial politics of Umno has no place in Malaysia, or for that matter any country in the world.

Brainwashing is Malaysia government method of retaining the support. That is. Others may not be relevant.

romsam said...

Let me tell this.

The malays have been Hindu and Buddhist from the beginning of time, and only became Muslim beginning from the fifth century. Most malay words bear Hindu and Buddhist influence, from Sanskrit. Arabic only forms a small portion of Bahasa Melayu.

'Bahasa' is also Sanskrit for 'language'. The British meanwhile, called the malays East Indians as opposed to Indians from India. They never associated the malays with Arabs.

I have nothing against things Arabic. Arabic culture spawned modern technology and science, together with Indian, Chinese and yes, the malay culture.

But to make the malays 100 percent the product of Arabic culture, is to reduce them to an artificial people, a people without their own identity and history. It is cultural genocide.

Are we trying to say that without a Bangsa Malaysia, we cannot progress? That is absolute nonsense. In the older days when nobody spoke of Bangsa Malaysia, we had more respect among races. Now it seems we are heading towards the opposite direction.

If Umno has the answers, there is nothing to fear. But the question is, does Umno have the answers?

Attempts to ensure that divisional will be interpreted by outsiders as Umno paranoia.

So Umno, please answer.

vesewe said...

Can I say I am not surprised? Umno has all along been all about money, nothing else. The NEP has been concocted to cheat the malays into believing it is about them.

It is not about the malays. It is about lining their cronies pockets at the expense of the malays. Half of Malaysia knows it; only the malays do not!

Does anyone see any sense in their bickering? Is it about the people? Is it for the country? Listen to their conceited arguments; it is all about money and their positions.

These are selfish greedy politicians we are talking about! They are really hopeless!

For Chinese and Indian voters they can only choose the lesser of the two evils. It is either BN or DAP/Keadilan/PAS. Tell me which is better.

No matter which party is in power the issue of corruption will arise because power corrupts. Hence, unless we have a very independent and strong ACA, it will be all the same

If BN and Umno is corrupt - vote them out and vote in the alternative party AP. The first few years of the AP rule would be normally be devoted to cleansing the sins left by the previous government including arresting and prosecuting the corrupt members of the previous BN government.

If the AP government later on is also found to be corrupt, vote them out again and vote in the BN again. Again the first few years of the BN rule would be devoted in cleansing the sins left by the AP corrupt government including the arrest and prosecution of AP ministers.

If this cycle goes on every five years, you will end up getting a clean government with no corrupt ministers.

Now you voted in and out a corrupt Umno every five years for the past 50 years. Pak Lah, knowing the sentiments of the people against corruption, hoodwinked you in saying he would eradicate corruption.

But then corruption is committed by his fellow BN and Umno members. Would he be that serious compared to what Lim Kit Siang would do if they were voted in power on combating corruption!

In Malaysia, corrupt Rafidah and other ministers get elected every five years.

Umno and its leaders are corrupt because you voted them in and out every five years irrespective of their corrupt acts and misdeeds.

yuking said...

Good article!

Congratulation to you. You are a great man, may God bless you in all your hard works.

You would make Mahathir to cry again. Though Malaysian Chinese students are discriminately barred from entering into the local universities in spite of outstanding results, they are forced to study overseas.

Nowadays, the degrees obtained by these students are widely accepted, they can face the world-trend of globalization.

They are not accepted by their own country, but they are welcome by all countries throughout the world.

Singapore is not that great, but look at Malaysia; lots of natural resources, a larger population, yet still a third class world country.

Come on, we achieved independence at the same time……….

In Malaysia, you just need two things for survival - work hard for any given opportunity and have a right religious belief. The rest is history.

Malaysian Chinese have no future in Malaysia. That corrupt, incompetent and lazy majority will run our beloved country to the ground.

Emigrate if you have the chance to do so.

Well, I am also one of them victim of brain drain and all my fellow friends.

I wish I am not a Malaysian and never wish that my next generations would suffer the same faith as I do.

kentanjim said...

I admire your guts and will in achieving your goal. Not many of us could do that. What you have posted here could be very well the truth sadly. If only you could forward this to every minister and even our very own PM, so that he will know just what every deserving student feel when they are being rejected.

I am sure they know but until and unless someone takes the initiative to write them personally, it will still be a lost because for the next generation. Those sitting comfortably in their ministerial positions won't be willing to stir things and get the boot, but I am sure if you could write to the PM, things could be a little different...........perhaps. But you will never know if you don't try.

If we can get what is offered here like in abroad why do we want to work abroad?

My cousin who was the best scorer for 2004 SPM (14As I think) is in the US right now, Wellesly Collage and she was offered a training programme while she was only there after 6 months - depending on her performance in the programme, she will be offered a high paid post on her graduation.

Thus she is the only daughter with no father, her mother is willing to emigrate for her sake! Why? Because she knows that in Malaysia, nothing like that will be offered to her!

Try for sharing your experience with us too, and we all know that even if you have a perfect score, you may not be sent abroad, remember the highest scorer from Sg Petani 2 or 3 years ago? The one who wanted to do medical but was given something else, where other not so better candidates were offered prime courses in top choice.........

Well it is the same every year, you get stories like that and as for your statement of needing to work hard abroad, I think it ring true everywhere, not only abroad but at home as well. For at least in the US, if you work hard with the results you will get the due recognition, where else it is a different ball game here Malaysia!

And for the education system which the government is experimenting at cost of our children, soon we will be really backdated. Look at the standard produced yearly and it does shows. Yet for all the ministers may talk, how many of you know a minister son studying in local sekolah jenis kebangsaan?

I doubt it.........

So the story is simple..........when most of the Chinese have left this country then the population of malays will outnumber the rest and this gives them even more voice, and the remaining groups will have to suffer more.

So how? Maybe we can ask the government for a piece of land, maybe an island and we can start afresh from there and call it China-newland. And 10 years later we will be better than Malaysia. Is that workable? never knows.

reek said...

I propose that the Chinese Malaysians pull out of Malaysia and set up our own state, just like Singapore and be a successful nation. This new country will be a secular country that values real democracy, diversity, equality, freedom, justice, equal opportunities and equal treatment for all.

There will be no place for corruption, incompetence, racial discrimination, religious discrimination and social injustice. I am sure there will be no short of Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and even Malay Malaysians who will want to live in this new country.

Perhaps Penang will offer to pull out of the federation and be the second Singapore? It is time for the people of Penang to demand a referendum!

I am an academician (European Chinese) working in a local university in Malaysia. It took me years to understand what is going on here.

In a Malaysia university there is no space for talented and hardworking individuals if they are not with the right color. These will be tracked down and will face heavy mobbing to a point that they humiliated, destroyed, crushed and cracked down.

No respect is given for knowledge. They do not accept excellence from foreign. Please never ever send foreign students there, they will be humiliated and crushed down by powerful idiots (especially malays).

I believed in that country once, I was wrong. All their infamous university local propaganda makes me vomit.

Last term there was a girl from Malaysia, who shared the same elective with me. Her spoken Chinese is so good that none of my class found that she was from Malaysia until she told us.

I have also met some Malaysians who speak really good Chinese. At least the government in Malaysia (unlike the government of Indonesian until recently) didn't prohibit the learning of Chinese, although the Tunku in the 1960s viewed the Chinese with extreme suspicion due to the attempted coup (which was largely Chinese) in Indonesia.

It is really sad to see Malaysia in such condition. And the situation keeps getting worse.

Just have a look at the crime rate, education system, policies made by our ministers, and you will very soon realized that Malaysia is a sinking Titanic.

Those are some of the things that shape the future of one country and they are not in good shape at all. Unless fairness, justice and transparency are being upheld, I think there is really very little hope left for this country.

The people sitting at the corridor of power are indeed corrupted and incapable. They are sinking this country.

This is possible in any country that is not democratic and transparent. It isn't a matter of if, but when!

honyang said...

One thing for sure is for those non-malay graduates who have graduated are they prefer to develop elsewhere, most probably US, UK, Singapore and Australia.

They need not to come back as the Malaysia government doesn't give a damn of the non-malay graduates background. What the prime minister is more interested is developing his own religion and race. But still the non-malays can afford to emigrate and develop elsewhere.

Is not that we choose to follow this way, but instead we are being forced to develop elsewhere. Everyday I am sick of hearing their sweet promises and excuses. Today I give you this and that. Tomorrow comes something else. In the end it was a pure rotten egg.

No wonder I got 5 out of 10 friends settling down in Australia after their graduations. Ask them about the Malaysia politics, none are interested. Ask them about the local education system, none bothered. So I ask them why do they come back to Malaysia during holidays!

Well, the answer is to renew their passport or IC. Most come back to meet up with old friends and to celebrate new year with their beloved families. That is it. A simple well-mannered honest answer.

Nobody would say I would come back for the national day or even during king birthday. The sense of patriotism just isn't there.

I am saddened and confused for this ongoing bias treatment from the government. My final piece of advice for those who is studying overseas. Don't waste your time ever by coming back unless the government changes its policy. Try to develop elsewhere.

Good luck.