Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 by Fuksas in 2008

Friday, February 18, 2011

Massimiliano Fuksas completed Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 , a mix-used project in Germany 2008. Mainz is a city with over two thousand years of history, one of the few rebuilt German cities to maintain its medieval gridMainz Markthäuser 11-13 is located in the mist of the historical street with Mainz's significant architecture. However, most of the old buildings of Mainz were destroyed during the air-raids in 1945, some of the buildings which appeared to be old fashioned facade today was actually a facsimile, reconstructed in 1955.

Quote from Fuksas: “I’m not afraid of context, But I don’t think you can build in the center of a city without paying attention to what is already there. I tried to find an expression of a building that is contemporary but is looking in some way at the past.”. As like what Fuksas expressed above, the project's main challenge is still about how to merge a new structure or building with a historic facade or series of facade.

The building which was completed housing commercical activities at the entrance floor, and apartments at the upper floors. Fuksas design focused on the building which face the narrow winding streets behind the square. He created a structure which upper portions is cladded with white ceramic bars and lower portions with glass storefronts. The white ceramic is Fuksas innovative way of using materials, supported on aluminium framework, containing windows and insulated metal panels,giving an appearance which is both subtle and creative.

“I’ve always been inspired by Arte Povera and using materials in different and interesting ways,” says the architect.

The atrium space which is about 5 storey height is a magnificient space with natural light ,wind and the curving line created is like adding some seasoning to the design.

All images and info from Fuksas website and Architecture Record