Gage Clemenceau Architects--Valentine to Times Square

Monday, July 6, 2009

Introduction: "Gage Clemenceau Architects is an architecture and design firm with projects ranging in different scales, from hotel /resort to residential, products and furnitures. Their works is motivated by the premise that architecture transcends the practice of mere building- in favor of a new and vibrant alliance between progressive tecnologies, new materials and a renewed interest in architecture as an exceedingly visual and aesthetically driven discipline." (source: Gage Clemenceau) One of their project is Valentine heart at Times Square
The heart is an installation art commisioned by Times Square Alliance. The architects say that the heart is a great project to them as it doesn't need to solve any problems, but just purely generate sensation to the public.
The Heart is 12 feet tall and constructed by 4 mains materials- structural steels, mirror finished stainless steel, translucent and traced bars.
Images and info from : Gage Clemenceau Architects

Watch this video about the sculptures