Introduce two projects by UArchitects

Friday, May 8, 2009

Juvenile detention center, Overloon
From the outlook of the building, it is hard to guess that this is actually a Juvenile Detention Institution, converted from a adult institution. "The resoluteness of the world which aims at the interior is partly removed, so that the youngsters can prepare themselves for the return in society. " (taken from Uarchitects official website)

The building is designed to be transparent and open between the prison and the outside world. While the visitors can peep through and observe what is happening to the youngsters in the prison; the youngsters can also look to the outside world. With the usage of steel, aluminium and Bankirai, it layers the facade and created different patterns of shade.
Awards: 1 st Prize Welstandsprijs Brabant (Award of Province), Category Living & care, Maasberg

Meander, senior living complex , Maarheeze, Netherlands
Meander consists of the senior apartments and health care centre . Meander (central curved volume) connects the different parts.

All photos and info from Uarchitects official website