Pavilions at World Expo 2010 Shanghai

Saturday, July 5, 2008

World Expo 2010 Shanghai

UK pavilion

Polish pavilion

Spanish Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

China Pavilion

French pavilion

Architect Poitevin - The Elementary Pavilion -->
The Elementary Pavilion involves a project comprising three different and original exhibition areas accessible to visitors: a cave dug into the ground, “the Descartes roof” above it and “the cloud” in the sky at a height of 14 metres. The scene is set by the coming together of French and Chinese artists and the public.
The architect Poitevin refers to it not only as “a pavilion reaching to the sky leaving the visitor free to languish in the clouds but as a viewpoint over the exhibition, a true flying carpet.” He defines it as a sensorial design complete with an underground space, a ground level and a sky, three vibrant and vivid features, an ode to time

The Pavilion of Diversity is a project incorporating independent compositions in keeping with the light structure of the Pavilion. The visitor has access to showcases of different sizes which together present an overview of France and its diversity.
According to architects Marin and Trottin, the concept presented is “a subjective but open-minded perspective of fragments of France which are brought together, built up and assembled to form a style of urban architecture in which the visitor is immersed. The Pavilion takes its meaning not only from its spectacular shape but also from the journey through space to which the visitor is treated and the singular nature of the works exhibited.”

Australian Pavilion

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